Yesterday was a perfect day to share a visit to the Cubist Exhibition at the Alhambra with some of our friends eager to practice English. We had both children and adults enjoying an art quiz game, answering questions of various difficulty levels and at the same time discovering the world of Cubism.

After a short orientation session at the entrance of Palacio Carlos V we formed small groups and entered the museums. We had a list of questions, different ones for each group and had one hour to get to know amazing art works while looking for the right answer. Given that some of the questions were more advanced we had been also given some hint cards, making our task easier and more fun-filled. In fact the hint cards for our questions were held by the other teams, so each time we needed some help we needed to interact with others to get the final right answer or confirmation of our answers.

We had questions from “Which paining invites you straight to the table?”, to “How many still life paintings are featured in the exhibition?”. Each of the participants had plenty of time to use their English and interact with others, in a way which is very different from that in class. In case of any doubt our event coordinator was eager to help the teams. We even had our own artistic moment, making our own drawing of our favourite painting.

Once all replies found, we had a coffee at El Parador with magnificent views of the city, using the time for sharing our findings and clarifying any doubts.

Apart from practicing English the event generated new personal connections, giving a boost to the growth of our language learning community.

Thanks to all for coming, see you again at our March events!